Request for Advance Decision of the Comptroller General of the United States as to Availability of the Pending Appropriation 'Pay, Naval Academy, 1937' for Credit of 5% to Salary Accounts of Civilian Professors and Instructors at the U.S. Naval Academy for the Period March 1, 1936, to June 30, 1936

A-76081: Jun 8, 1936

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This document discusses a decision based on the availability of appropriation for credit of 5% to salary accounts of civilian professors at the U.S. Naval Academy between March 1, 1936 and June 30, 1937. It says that amounts appropriated were to be used from and after March 1, 1936. However, the authorized credit of 5 per cent for the class of instructors designated as "masters and instructors in swordsmanship and physical training" is an obligation against the limited sum of $22,300.