Transfer of Funds Under Indian Transfer Appropriation Warrant No. 31

A-25480: Dec 18, 1928

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This decision concerns the request made by the Department of the Interior to transfer funds, under Indian Transfer Appropriation Warrant No. 31, from the "Indian Boarding Schools, 1928" appropriation to the same appropriation with a double year designation. The general rule in such cases is that the item is subject to the same fiscal year limitations attaching to the appropriation as a whole unless the item is specifically exempted therefrom in the appropriations act. And there being no authority under the acts of June 23, 1874, and August 24, 1912, for considering the appropriation "Indian Boarding Schools" as a no-year or a double year appropriation, no exception can be made with respect to the item here in questions. Accordingly, the transfer of funds as proposed by the warrant is not authorized.