Appeal of -- Colonial Press International, Inc. Under Jacket No. 331-415 Print Order No. 95040

2008-6: Jun 15, 2010

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Office of Public Affairs
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Colonial Press International, Inc. appeals the Government Printing Office's (GPO) decision to deduct 25 percent from the price of a contract to print 250,000 pamphlets. The deduction was based on GPO's determination that the pamphlets delivered by Colonial contained various defects, including "failure to follow proof." GPO maintains that delivery of pamphlets that varied from Colonial's proofs with regard to a green screen background on one of the pamphlet pages was a proper basis for its deduction. Colonial maintains that the contract did not require that the delivered pamphlets conform to the proofs. Alternatively, Colonial asserts that its delivery of pamphlets that varied from the approved proofs was caused by defective government furnished material. Both parties have filed motions for summary judgement.

We grant GPO's motion and deny the appeal.