[Claim for Refund of Amounts Withheld from Retired Pay as Child Support]

B-257000: Jun 14, 1994

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A retired Air Force officer requested review of his denied claim for refund of amounts withheld from his retired pay for child support, contending that: (1) the Defense Finance and Audit Agency (DFAS) should have investigated the court order before honoring it; and (2) he was entitled to reimbursement of expenses he incurred in terminating the withholding. GAO held that: (1) the officer's former spouse followed the proper procedures under the applicable state law to begin garnishment of his retired pay; (2) DFAS properly withheld amounts from the officer's retired pay for child support payments; (3) DFAS returned to the officer all withheld pay that it had not remitted to the court; and (4) there was no statutory authority for reimbursing the officer for the expenses he incurred in terminating the withholding. Accordingly, the original settlement was affirmed.