[Protests of National Guard Solicitation Cancellation]

B-222384.3,B-222384.4: Sep 29, 1986

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Two firms protested the National Guard Bureau's cancellation of a solicitation for barge towing and overhaul. The Bureau cancelled the solicitation after it determined that the solicitation's pricing provisions were unclear, as evidenced by the first protester's low bid. The first protester contended that the solicitation and its bid were not ambiguous and its bid was responsive. The second protester contended that it submitted the only responsive bid because none of the other bids included bid bonds. GAO held that: (1) the first protester's low bid was responsive and acceptable because it offered to perform the precise services the solicitation required and its total bid price was easily ascertainable; (2) given the acceptability of the first protester's bid, the Bureau had no clear and compelling reason to cancel the solicitation; (3) since the solicitation did not require bid bonds, the second protester's contention was without merit; and (4) the Bureau should reinstate the solicitation and make award to the protester, if otherwise appropriate. Accordingly, the first protest was sustained and the second protest was dismissed.