[Request for Reconsideration of Bid Rejection Protest]

B-209707.2: Sep 2, 1983

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A firm requested reconsideration of a decision in which GAO sustained a protest of the rejection of another firm's bid by the Army. The Army had originally rejected that firm's low bid as nonresponsive because the bid was submitted on the original rather than the revised bid schedule. However, GAO found that the firm had acknowledged the amendment which contained all of the substantive changes to the invitation for bids. Consequently, GAO ruled that the firm's bid was responsive, and the Army awarded the contract to that firm. The protester, the second low bidder on the solicitation, was not notified of the awardee's protest and claimed that GAO erroneously found that the awardee's bid was responsive. Because the protester was unaware of the awardee's protest, GAO decided to consider its request for reconsideration. However, bid protest procedures require that a request for reconsideration specify an error of law made or information not considered in the previous protest. The protester failed to present any facts which were not considered in the original protest. Accordingly, the prior decision was affirmed.