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How has federal autism research funding changed from fiscal years 2008 through 2012?

GAO-15-583R, June 30, 2015

From fiscal years (FY) 2008 through 2012, 11 federal agencies awarded approximately $1.2 billion in funding for autism research. The Interagency Autism Coordinating Committee (IACC) is a federal advisory committee that coordinates and monitors federal autism activities. Federally funded autism research has been organized into seven research areas as defined in the IACC’s annual strategic plan for autism research. Each research area contains specific short- and long-term research objectives.

For more specific information on how federal funding of autism research has changed over time, use the filters below, which allow sorting by research area, federal agency, and fiscal year. Click on the headers (Research Area, Objective, Agency, and Total Funds Awarded) to rearrange the data below. Hover over the “Objective” to see complete descriptions of the research objectives funded under each research area. We previously reported that 12 objectives did not have corresponding federal funding. These objectives are not included in the table.

Source: GAO analysis of data from federal agencies that funded autism research. | GAO-15-583R

Notes: The term “autism” refers to a group of disorders—known as autism spectrum disorder—that vary in symptom severity. Autism research projects that were not categorized to any of the objectives are not included in the table. Additionally, the table reflects a project that the Health Resources and Services Administration broke up into seven sub-projects and categorized into different objectives for fiscal years 2010, 2011, and 2012. This project was not broken out in previous years; therefore, all funding for the project is attributed to objective 4.A (short term) for fiscal years 2008 and 2009.

The table also includes Department of Defense's (DOD) research projects that were funded through the agency’s fiscal years 2008 through 2011 appropriations. Projects funded through DOD’s fiscal year 2012 appropriations are not included in the table. For that year, DOD provided the following information on the projects funded through its fiscal year 2012 appropriation by research area: $665,455 in diagnosis, $2,511,985 in biology, $275,626 in causes, and $673,874 in treatments and interventions. In this table, all dollars are expressed in nominal terms. For detailed information on our data collection and analysis methodology, see GAO-15-583R and appendix I in GAO-14-16.

For a printable version of all of the objectives that are included through interactive hovers in the table, download this document.