• Federal Vacancies Reform Act

    Information about the temporary filling of vacant executive positions that require presidential appointment with Senate confirmation.

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    Vacancy information for prior administrations is provided below. Each file contains the following information for that administration:

    • the vacant positions,
    • the acting officials,
    • the nominees.

    Barack H. Obama Administration Vacancies (ZIP, 38 KB)

    George W. Bush Administration Vacancies (ZIP, 43 KB)

    William J. Clinton Administration Vacancies (ZIP, 10 KB)

    Tip: Each position has a unique Vacancy Identification Number which may be used to match vacancies with acting officials and nominees.

    Reminder: Results include only vacancy information that federal departments and agencies have actually submitted to GAO. For this reason, the results may not be complete or the most up-to-date information regarding those vacancies.

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