• Are You Waiting for a Bid Protest Decision?

    Does GAO make its decisions publicly available?

    It depends on what the decision was: We make public decisions that deny or sustain a protest and dismissals that address a significant issue. We do not make public routine dismissals of protests.

  • How quickly are bid protest decisions released?

    Decisions are generally released to the public shortly after the bid protest parties are informed, unless the decision needs redacting.

  • What is redacting? How long does it take?

    When a decision contains protected information, a decision may not be released to the public immediately due to the need to prepare a “redacted” version, which omits protected information. A redacted version is generally available 2 to 3 weeks after bid protest parties are informed of the outcome of the protest.

  • When does GAO make its protest decisions publicly available?

    It depends on whether the decision is subject to a protective order or not: If a decision is not subject to a protective order, it will usually be available on this Web site within 1-2 days. If a decision is subject to a protective order, the parties must agree to the release of a public version that redacts proprietary or source-selection-sensitive information. The preparation of a public version of a protected decision may take between a few days and a few weeks; however, occasionally, a decision may not be made public for months if other events, such as corrective action, would be affected by the release of the decision.

  • What kinds of redactions does GAO make to a decision?

    We seek to issue decisions that provide meaningful and transparent explanations for our rulings. Even if a protective order is issued for a protest, information in the public version of a protected decision will be redacted only where it is proprietary or is source-selection-sensitive. For example, evaluation point scores and adjectival ratings, unfavorable or adverse past performance information, and total cost or price generally will not be redacted from a decision.

  • Where can I find a protest decision?

    You can search our bid protest decisions here. You can also find our decisions through outside commercial services such as Westlaw and Lexis.

  • I know a protest has been decided, why can’t I find the decision?

    It depends on what the outcome was: If a protest is dismissed, we will not make the decision publicly available, unless it addresses a significant issue.

    If a protest is sustained or denied, you should find the decision on this Web site within 1-2 days after the decision date. If you don't find it, then we are preparing a redacted version which will be made public when available. (See "When does GAO make its decisions publicly available?" above.)

  • What does the date on a decision mean?

    The date is when the decision was finalized and the protesters were informed. It may be earlier than the date the decision is made publicly available.

  • How can I keep up-to-date on new protest decisions?

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