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Consumer Product Safety

More consumer products and their components are manufactured in other countries. With a growing volume of imports and limited resources, the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) must continue ensuring product safety.

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  • About 4 of 5 consumer product recalls involve imported products.
  • Nearly $2 billion worth of consumer products entered U.S. ports every day in 2012.

In 2012, CPSC began piloting a new approach to targeting and identifying unsafe consumer products at 15 major U.S. ports (of the 327 U.S. ports). The piloted approach evaluates products entering the United States based on a predetermined set of rules (i.e., to target specific hazardous products or importers) intended to identify imports with the highest risks to consumers.

CPSC also faced significant public scrutiny about its ability to assess product risks and take appropriate and timely action. CPSC’s strategic goals for identifying and addressing risks emphasize working with other federal and state agencies and international counterparts.

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