GAO’s Strategic Plan Framework: 


GAO exists to support the Congress in meeting its constitutional 
responsibilities and to help improve the performance and ensure the 
accountability of the federal government for the benefit of the 
American people. 


* National Security Threats: 
* Fiscal Sustainability Challenges: 
* Economic Recovery and Growth: 
* Global Interdependence: 
* Science and Technology: 
* Networks and Virtualization: 
* Shifting Roles of Government: 
* Demographic and Societal Change: 

Goals and Objectives: 

Provide Timely, Quality Service to the Congress and the Federal 
Government to Address Current and Emerging Challenges to the Well-being 
and Financial Security of the American People related to:
* Health care needs;
* Lifelong learning;
* Benefits and protections for workers, families, and children;
* Financial security;
* Effective system of justice;
* Viable communities;
* Stable financial system and consumer protection; 
* Stewardship of natural resources and the environment; 
* Infrastructure. 

Provide Timely, Quality Service to the Congress and the Federal 
Government to Respond to Changing Security Threats and the Challenges 
of Global Interdependence involving:
* Homeland security;
* Military capabilities and readiness;
* U.S. foreign policy interests;
* Global market forces. 

Help Transform the Federal Government to Address National Challenges 
by assessing: 
* Government’s fiscal position and options for closing gap; 
* Fraud, waste, and abuse; 
* Major management challenges and program risks. 

Maximize the Value of GAO by Enabling Quality, Timely Service to the 
Congress and Being a Leading Practices Federal Agency in the areas of: 
* Efficiency, effectiveness, and quality; 
* Diverse and inclusive work environment; 
* Professional networks and collaboration; 
* Institutional stewardship and resource management. 

Core Values: 

* Accountability;
* Integrity;
* Reliability.  

[End of GAO's Strategic Plan Framework]