Appendix I: Detailed Data on the 295 Spanish and Mexican Land Grants in New Mexico

Name of grant Date grant confirmed
by Congress or Court of Private Land Claims or other action
Date patented.
Patent conveys legal title to a grant
Acreage patented Alternative grant identifiers. Based on documents submitted to Surveyor General or the Court of Private Land Claims
Agapito Ortega Dismissed
by claimant
Agua Negra 1860 1900 17,361.11  
Agua Salada 1893 1909 10,694.48  
Alamitos  1896 1914 297.55  Juan Salas
Alamo Rejected       
Alexander Valle  1860 1927 1,242.00  Cañón de Pecos; Juan de Dios Peña
Alfonso Rael de Aguilar (2) (Vincente Romero) Dismissed
by claimant
Alphonso Rael de Aguilar (1) Dismissed
by claimant
Ancón Colorado Dismissed
by claimant
Angostura 1897 1906 1,579.48 Juan-José Gallegos
Angostura del Pecos Dismissed
by claimants
Antoine Leroux 1869 1911 56,428.31 Los Luceros
Antón Chico (Town of) 1860 1883 383,856.10   
Antonio Armijo Dismissed
by claimant
Antonio Baca  1895 1902 47,196.50  Nuestra Señora de la Luz de las Lagunitas
Antonio de Abeytia  1894 1910 721.42 Baltazar Cisneros
Antonio de Salazar Dismissed
by claimants
Antonio de Ulibarri  Dismissed
by claimant
    Pueblo Colorado
Antonio Domínguez Rejected       
Antonio Martínez  1893 1896 61,605.46 Lucero de Godoi
Antonio Ortíz 1869 1877 163,921.680  
Archuleta (Juan Antonio de) & Gonzales (Leonardo) Dismissed
by claimant
Arkansas Rejected
by circuit
    Beales Colony
Arquito  Dismissed
by claimant
    Rumaldo Archiveque
Arroyo de San Lorenzo Rejected      Antonio Chávez
Arroyo Hondo 1892 1908 20,000.38  Gaspar Ortíz; La Talaya; Manuel Fernández; José Ignacio Martínez; Felipe Medina; Miguel Chávez)
Badito (El) Rejected      Juan Ortiz
Baltazar Baca  Rejected      San José del Encinal
Barranca  Rejected      Geronimo Martín
Bartolomé Baca Rejected       
Bartolomé Fernández (de la Pedresa) 1894 1903 25,455.24 Guadalupe
Bartolomé Sánchez 1897 1914 4,469.83   
Bartolomé Trujillo  Rejected      San José de García
Belén (Town of) 1858 1871 194,663.750  
Bernabé Manuel Montaño 1892 1908 44,070.66  
Bernal Spring Dismissed
by claimants
Black Mesa 1894 1907 19,171.35   
Bosque Del Apache  1860 1877 60,117.39 Antonio Sandoval
Bosque Grande  1896 1925 2,967.57  Miguel y Santiago Montoya
Bracito (El) 1860     Hugh Stephenson; Brazito
There were extensive attempts to obtain grants that were never successfully completed. The Court of Private Land Claims recognized the grant as valid and ordered it surveyed and partitioned. However, problems arose when attempts were made to identify the common boundary with the Santo Tomás Yturbide Colony Grant. A patent was not issued because claimants argue the Confirmation Act of 1860 conveyed the title; a final survey yielded 14,808.075 acres.
Cadillal The grant was located within the confirmed Domingo Fernández grant, so no action was taken on the claim. 
Caja del Río 1893 1897 66,849.78 Felipe Delgado
Cañada Ancha 1897 1917 200.82 Salvador Gonzales
Cañada de Cochití 1894 1901 19,112.78 Antonio Lucero; Manuel Hurtado
Cañada de Los Alamos (1)  1893 1896 12,068.39  Lorenzo Marquez
Cañada de los Alamos (2)  1894 1911 4,106.66  Miera y Pacheco & Padilla
Cañada de Los Apaches  1892 1907 86,249.09 Antonio Sedillo
Cañada de Los Mestaños Rejected       
Cañada de San Francisco  Rejected     Nazario Gonzales; José Francisco Baca y Terrus
Cañada de Santa Clara 1894 1909 490.62  
Cañón de Carnue 1894 1903 2,000.59 San Miguel de Laredo; Cañon de Carmel; Cañon de Carnuel
Cañón de Chama 1894 1905 1,422.62  San Joaquín Río de Chama; Chama River Cañón
Cañón de San Diego  1860 1881 116,286.89  San Diego de Jémez
Cañón del Agua 1866 1896 341.04  
Cañón del Río (Colorado)  Rejected      Antonio Elias Armenta
Casa Colorado (Town of) 1858 1909 131,779.370  
Catarina Maese Dismissed
by claimant
Cebolla  1896      Juan Carlos Santistevan
Based on a US Supreme Court decision that found, among other things, that the grant had not been given in accordance with Mexican law.
Chaca Mesa  1895 1899 47,258.71  Ignacio Chávez
Chamisos Arroyo Rejected      Bartolomé Marques & Francisco Padilla
Chupaderos de la Lagunita  Rejected      San Joaquín del Nacimiento
Corpos Cristo Dismissed
by claimant
Cristóbal de la Serna  1892 1903   Los Ranchos de Taos
Cristóval Crespin  Dismissed
by claimant
    Jesús Crespin
Cuyamungué 1895 1909 604.27   
Diego Arias de Quiros Rejected       
Diego de Belasco (Velasco) Dismissed
by claimant
Domingo Fernández  1860 1880 81,032.670 Ethan W. Eaton; Pueblo de San Cristóbal
Domingo Valdez Rejected       
Don Fernando de Taos 1897 1909 1,817.34  Merced de Fernándes (San Fernande) de Taos
Doña Ana Bend Colony  1896 1907. 35,399.017  P.M. Thompson (Gregorio Dabolas)
El Pino Dismissed
by claimant
Elena Gallegos 1893 1909 35,048.78  Ranchos de Albuquerque; Los Ranchos; Donaciano Gurule
Embudo (of Picures) Rejected       
Estancia  Rejected      Antonio Sandoval, Antonio Martínez & Diego Lucero Godoi
Felipe Pacheco Dismissed
by claimant
Felipe Tafoya (1) Dismissed
by claimant
Felipe Tafoya (2) 1895 1902 4,340.23  
Francisco de Anaya Almazan  1897 1916 3,202.79 Cieneguilla;Ciénega; Andres Montoya; Feliciano Montoyo
Francisco García Dismissed
by claimant
Francisco Montes Vigil 1892 1899 8,253.74  
Francisco X Romero  Dismissed
by claimant
    Santa Cruz
Galisteo (Town of) 1894 1927 260.790 Juan Ortíz; Francisco Almazan
Gaspar Ortíz 1860     Vincente Durán de Armijo
The grant apparently lies within the Pueblo of Nambé grant, and has not been patented.
Gervacio Nolan Rejected       
Gijosa (Francisco Antonia de) 1893 1908 16,240.64  Gijosa Rancho de Taos
Gotera Rejected       
Guadalupe Miranda Dismissed
by claimant
Guadalupita Dismissed
by claimants
Hacienda del Alamo Rejected      
(John) Heath  Rejected      Juan Gid
Joaquín (de) Mestas Rejected      Santa Teresa de Jesús
Joaquín Sedillo & Antonio Gutiérrez 1897 1909 22,636.92 San Clemente; Barrancas; Bosque de los Pinos
John Scolly  1860 1893 25,000.00  La Junta de los Ríos Mora Y Sanello
Jornado del Muerto Rejected      Juan Bautista Vigil y Alarid
José Antonio Lucero Rejected       
José Antonio Torres Dismissed
by claimant
José de Leyba Rejected       
José Domínguez Rejected
by Surveyor
José García Rejected       
José Ignacio Alari  Dismissed
by claimants
    Juan Antonio Quintana; José Ignacio Alarid; Gabriel Quintana
José Leandro Perea  1860 1877 17,712.00 Rancho de los Esteros
José Manuel Sánchez Baca 1900  1902 3,530.60  
José Romula de Vera Dismissed
by claimant
José Sutton Rejected       
José Trujillo  Dismissed
by claimants
    Mesilla (of San Ildefonso) Tract; Arroyo Seco
Juan Antonio Flores Dismissed
by claimant
Juan Bautista Valdez  1898 1913 1,468.57  Cañón de Pedernal; Encinas
Juan Cayentano Lovato Rejected       
Juan de Gabaldón  1893 1902 10,690.05 William T. Russell
Juan de Mestas Dismissed
by claimant
    Anastacio Romero
Juan de Ulibarri Dismissed
by claimants
Juan Durán Rejected       
Juan Estevan García de Noriega Rejected      Geronimo Martin
Juan Felipe Rodriguez Dismissed
by claimant
Juan G. Pinard  No action
taken by
    Bautista Llara; Carlos Salazar
Juan José Archuleta Rejected       
Juan José Lovato  1894 1902 205,615.72 Cristóbal de Torres
Juan José Moreno Dismissed by claimants      
Juan José Sánchez Rejected       
Juan Manuel Cordova  No action
taken by
    Juan Martín; Basilio Gonzales; Santiago Bone (Pueblo de Santiago); José Tapia; José Francisco Durán
Juan Montes Vigil  1931 by
District Court
  379.36 Town of Peña Blanca; Jacinto Pelaes;Juan Fernández de la Pesnera
No actual claim was presented to the Court, and therefore no actual confirmation was made by either the Congress or the Court. When the Majada grant was confirmed, this was apparently sufficient for the Town of Peña Blanca residents. In 1931, the New Mexico District Court confirmed acreage not previously part of the Pueblo of Cochití lands.
Juan Tafoya Dismissed
by claimant
Juana Baca Rejected     Pueblo of Cochití Pasture
La Majada 1894 1908 54,404.10  
La Nasa Dismissed
by claimant
Las Lagunitas  Not acted on     Antonio Sandoval
Las Lomitas Dismissed
by claimant
Lo de Basquez Dismissed
by claimants
Lo de Padilla 1896 1908 51,940.82 El Tajo; Los Padillas; Franz Huning; Diego Padilla
Los Conejos Rejected       
Los Manuelitas Rejected     Apolonio Vigil
Los Serrillos (Cerrillos) 1894 1897 1,478.81   
Los Trigos 1860 1909 7,342.00   
Luis de Armenta No claim
filed with
Luis Maria Cabeza de Baca  1860   198,578.78 Baca Location #1
The Town of Las Vegas grant was apparently in conflict with the Baca grant. The Congress recognized the conflict and allowed the Baca heirs to obtain equivalent acreage elsewhere in the Territory. Of five tracts selected two were in New Mexico, known as Float # 1 (Sandoval County) and Float # 2 (San Miguel County), each containing 99,289.39 acres.
Maes (Juan Miguel) & Gallego (Pedro)        Las Cieneguitas
The claimants probably obtained title through the Act of March 3, 1891. This act allowed those settlers, who had lived on the land for more than 20 years before an official survey of a township was conducted, to a patent of up to 160 acres of land. There was no documentation of the grant, and no claim was submitted to the Court of Private Land Claims.
Manuel Tenorio Dismissed
by claimant
Manuela García de las Ribas Dismissed
by claimant
    Isabel Montoya
Maragua  Rejected      Santo Domingo de; José Francisco Baca y Pino
Maxwell Grant  1860 1879 1,714,764.94 Beaubien & Miranda
Mesilla Civil Colony  1899 1909 21,628.52  Meregildo Guerra
Mesita Blanca Dismissed
by claimant
Mesita de Juana López 1879     Sitio de Juana López
Montoya No specific information available
Nepumecina Martínez de Aragón  Dismissed
by claimant
    Rancho de Coyote
Nerio Antonio Montoya Rejected      Ojo de Borrego (Borrego Spring)
Nicolás Durán de Cháves 1896  No indication
one was issued
Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe Mine  Rejected      Abo
Nuestra Señora del los Dolores Mine Rejected       
Nuestra Señora del Rosario, San Fernando, y Santiago  1892 1905 14,786.58  Isabel Jaramillo de Romero (Rancho Las Truchas)
Ocate  Rejected      Manuel Alvarez
Ojito de Galisteo Dismissed
by claimant
    Juan Cruz Aragon
Ojito de los Medanos Rejected      Lucero Spring
Ojo Caliente  1894 1894 2,244.98  Antonio Joseph
Ojo de Borrego (Borrego Spring) 1894 1913 16,079.80 Domingo Romero & Miguel/Manuel Ortíz; Nereo (Nerio) Antonio Montoya
Ojo de la Cabra  Rejected      Juan Otero
Ojo de San José 1894 1912 4,340.28  Santo Toribo de Jems; Pueblo of San José; Ojo de San Juan
Ojo del Apache (Apache Spring) Rejected      Bentura Truxillo
Ojo del Espíritu Santo  1869 1916 113,141.15 Tomás Cabeza de Baca
Orejas del Llano de los Aguajes Rejected      Juan de Jesús Lucero
Ortíz Mine  1861 1876 69,199.33  Elisha Whittlesey; Antonio Cano (Ignacio Cano & Francisco Ortíz)
Pablo Montoya 1869 1877 655,468.07  
Pacheco (Joseph) 1892 1913 500.00  
Pajarito (Sitio de) 1894 1914 28,724.22   
Paraje del Punche Dismissed
by claimant
Pedro Armendariz #33 1860 1878 352,504.50  Valverde & Fray Cristóbal
Pedro Armendariz #34 1860 1878 95,030.00   
Peralta (1) (La) Rejected       
Peralta (2)  Rejected      Reavis
Petaca  1896 1901 1,392.10  José Antonio García
Piedra Lumbre  1893 1902 49,747.89 Casa de (José) Riano; Pedro Martín Serrano
Plaza Colorado 1893 1907 7,577.92  Plaza Colorado Valdez
Plaza Blanca  1894 1914 8,955.110 Manuel Bustos
Polvadera (Polvareda) 1893 1900 35,761.14 Juan Pablo Martín
Preston Beck Jr. 1860 1883 318,699.720  
Pueblo of Acoma 1858 1877 95,791.66   
Pueblo of Cochití 1858 1864 24,256.50   
Pueblo of Isleta 1858 1864  131,495.300  
Pueblo of Jémez 1858 1864 17,510.45   
Pueblo of Laguna 1897 1909 17,328.91   
Pueblo of Nambé 1858 1864 13,586.330  
Pueblo of Pecos 1858 1864 18,763.330  
Pueblo of Picurís 1858 1864 14,953.39   
Pueblo of Pojoaque 1858 1864 13,520.38   
Pueblo of Quemado  Dismissed
by claimant
    Rito Quemado
Pueblo of San Cristóbal The purported grant document was filed with the Surveyor General but was later proven to be fraudulent.
Pueblo of San Felipe 1858 1864 34,766.86   
Pueblo of San Ildefonso 1858 1864 17,292.64   
Pueblo of San Juan 1858 1864 17,544.770  
Pueblo of Sandía 1858 1864 24,034.87   
Pueblo of Santa Ana 1869 1883 17,360.56   
Pueblo of Santa Clara 1858 1864 17,368.52   
Pueblo of Santo Domingo 1858 1864 74,743.110  
Pueblo of Santo Domingo & San Felipe 1898  1905 1,070.68   
Pueblo of Taos 1859 1864 17,360.550  
Pueblo of Tesuque 1858 1864 17,471.120  
Pueblo of Zía 1858 1864 17,514.630  
Pueblo of Zuñí As the result of the establishment of a reservation in 1877, as revised in 1883, 1885 and 1917, the pueblo's claim was not presented to the Court of Private Land Claims.
Pueblos of Zía, Jémez, & Santa Ana Rejected      Ojo del Espíritu Santo
Ramón Vigil  1860 1908 31,209.52 Pedro Sánchez
Ranchito (El) 1897 1909 4,250.63   
Rancho de (los) Comanches  Dismissed
by claimant
Rancho de Abiquiú  Dismissed
by claimant
    Rancho de Coyote
Rancho de Coyote  Dismissed
by claimant
    El Coyote
Rancho de Gigante 1860 1884 25,233.18  Laguna Pueblo tracts
Rancho de la Gallina  Dismissed
by claimant
    Rancho de Coyote
Rancho de la Santisima Trinidad  Rejected;
by claimants
    Rancho de Galvan; Francisco Sandoval; Ignacio Sánchez Vergara
Rancho de los Corrales (Comales) Dismissed
by claimant
Rancho de los Rincon(es)  Dismissed
by claimant
    Rancho de Coyote
Rancho de Nuestra Señora de la Luz  1860 1874 16,546.850 Bishop John Lamy
Rancho de Paguate 1860   75,406.27  Laguna Pueblo tracts
Rancho de San Juan 1860 1884 25,233.18  Laguna Pueblo tracts
Rancho de Río Arriba Dismissed
by claimant
    Rancho de Coyote
Rancho de Río Puerco Dismissed
by claimant
Rancho de Santa Ana 1860 1884 871.33  Laguna Pueblo tracts
Rancho de Ysleta  Rejected      Pueblo de San Antonio de Isleta
Rancho del Río Grande 1892 1901 91,813.15   
Rancho el Rito  1860 1884 25,233.18  Laguna Pueblo tracts; El Rito (Colorado); El Rillito
Refugio Civil Colony 1901 1910 11,524.30   
Río de Chama  Dismissed
by claimant
    Rancho de la Merced del San Joaquín del Río Chama
Río del Oso  Dismissed
by claimants
    José Antonio Valdez
Río del Picurís  Rejected      José Dolores Fernández; Río del Pueblo
Río Tesuque (Town of) 1897     Bishop's Ranch; Juan Benabides
Rito de los Frijoles Rejected      Andres Montoya; Antonio Salas
Rómulo Barela (Varela) Rejected      Juan Manuel de Herrera
Roque Jacinto Jaramillo Rejected       
Roque Lovato (Lobato) Rejected       
Salvador Lovato  Dismissed
by claimant
    Lorenzo Lobato
San Acasio Dismissed
by claimant
San Antonio de Las Huertas 1897 1907 4,763.85  
San Antonio del Río Colorado Rejected      Town of Río
San Antonito Rejected      Cristóbal Jaramillo
San Clemente 1896 1909 37,099.29   
San Cristóbal  Rejected
by Surveyor
    Father José Antonio Martínez; Cristoval de la Serna
San Joaquín del Nacimiento Rejected      San Pablo y Nacimiento; Nacimiento del Río Puerco
San Marcos Pueblo 1892 1896 1,895.44 San Marcos Springs
San Mateo Spring(s)  1895 1907 4,340.276 Santiago Durán y Cháves
San Miguel del Vado (Bado) 1894 1910 5,207.73   
San Pedro 1860 1875 31,594.76   
Sangre de Cristo 1860 1880 998,780.46  
Sanguijuela Rejected       
Santa Bárbara (Plaza of the) 1894 1905 30,638.28  
Santa Cruz (de la Cañada) 1899 & 1900  1910 4,567.60  Juan Salas
Santa Fé 1894      
The only grant actually given to Santa Fé residents was for some common pasture land and water (1715). Congress ultimately granted to the City of Santa Fé all lands not already used by the United States or confirmed private land grants. The confirmed amount is based on the Surveyor General's preliminary survey of 4 square leagues.
Santa Fé Cañón Rejected       
Santa Rita Del Cobre  Rejected by
of the General
Land Office
    Santa Rita Mine
Santa Rosa de Cubero 1898       
Santa Teresa 1900 1909 8,478.51  
Santiago Bone  Dismissed
by claimants
    James Boney; María Cleofas Bone; Estanislado Sandoval (José Manuel Cordova)
Santiago Ramirez 1897 1912 272.17 Peñasco Largo
Santo Domingo de Cundiyo  1900 1903 2,137.08 José Antonio Vigil
Santo Tomás de Yturbide 1900 1905 9,622.34  Sto. Tomas de Iturbide Colony
Santo Toribio (de Jémez) Rejected       
Sebastián De Vargas 1893 1900    
Sebastián Martín 1860 1893 51,387.20   
Sevilleta  1893 Dispersals
begun in
Not specified La Joya
Sierra Mosca  1896     Juan Luis Ortíz
The U.S. Supreme Court found the Court of Private Land Claims in error and directed a reversal. The grant was rejected in 1900.
Sitio de Juana López 1894 1897 1,108.61  
Sitio de Los Serrillos (Cerrillos) 1894 1897 572.04  
Socorro (Town of) 1892 1896. 17,371.18   
Tacubaya Dismissed
by claimant
Talaya Hill  1895 1917 922.52 Manuel Trujillo
The Baird's Ranch  Rejected      Ranchos de Chino Tejano
Tierra Amarilla 1860 1881 594,515.55   
Tomás Tapia Rejected       
Town of Abiquiú 1894 1909 16,547.20   
Town of Alameda  1892 1920 89,346.00  Francisco Montes Vigil
Town of Albuquerque 1892  None
Villa de Albuquerque
Town of Atrisco 1894 1905 82,728.72   
Town of Bernalillo  1897 1900 3,404.67  Felipe Gutiérrez; Felipe Gonzales
Town of Candelarios Although a petition was filed in 1872, no further action was taken by the claimants to pursue recognition of the claim. Therefore, there is no formal decision on the matter.
Town of Cebolleta  1869 1882 199,567.92   
Town of Chamita 1860 1929 1,636.29   
Town of Chaperito 1890      
Town of Chililí 1858 1909 41,481.000  
Town of Cieneguilla Rejected       
Town of Cubero 1892  1900 16,490.94   
Town of El Rito  Dismissed
by claimants
    Joaquín García
Town of Jacona  1893 1909 6,952.84 Ignacio de Roibal
Town of Las Trampas  1860 1903 28,131.67  Santo Tomás (Apostal) del Río de Las Trampas
Town of Las Vegas 1860 1903 431,653.65   
Town of Manzano 1860 1907 17,360.24   
Town of Mora 1860 1876 827,621.10   
Town of Real de Dolores del Oro Rejected       
Town of San Isidro 1860 1936 11,476.88  
Town of Tajique 1860 1912 7,185.550 Tajaque
Town of Tecolote  1858 1902 48,123.380 Salvador Montoya et al
Town of Tejón (Tungue) 1860 1882 12,801.46   
Town of Tomé 1858 1871 121,594.53   
Town of Torreón 1860 1909 14,146.110  
Town of Vallecito de Lovato  Rejected      S. Endicott Peabody; José Salazar Y Ortíz; José R. Zamora
Uña Del Gato Rejected
by Secretary
of Interior
Vallecito (de San Antonio) Dismissed
by claimants
Vertientes de Navajó Rejected      Rafael Armijo (Sitio del Navajó); Cañada de los Alamos
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