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ENVIRONMENTAL CONTAMINATION: Cleanup Actions at Formerly Used Defense Sites

gao-01-1012sp, August 2001

Appendix II: Cleanup Projects on FUDS Properties

This appendix contains summary data on the 2,213 eligible properties with FUDS cleanup projects. In total, there were 3,736 cleanup projects at these properties. All data are reported as of the end of fiscal year 2000 and were compiled by GAO from Corps data. Further information about the nature of our review and the limitations of these data are presented in the "Scope and Methodology" section.

Of the 3,736 cleanup projects, 284 projects had not yet been scheduled for action as of the end of fiscal year 2000, usually because the appropriate cleanup method had not been decided upon or designed. For the remaining cleanup projects, 1,844 were under way or planned, and 1,608 were completed. The Corps classifies as completed another 774 projects that were initially thought to be eligible but were later determined to be ineligible. The Corps made an administrative decision to classify these projects as completed as a way of closing them out. Because these projects were, in fact, ineligible they are not included in this appendix.

To view tables of data for the cleanup projects on FUDS properties in a particular geographic area—including location (county and congressional district), type(s) of hazard and associated risk, scheduling information, cleanup remedy, and cleanup costs—click on the relevant area of the map that follows. Alternatively, you may download zipped comma delimited files or download a zipped excel spreadsheet. SAS Output

American Samoa 9
Guam 18
Northern Mariana Islands 27
Puerto Rico 18
U.S. Virgin Islands 3

Full Report: Environmental Contamination: Cleanup Actions at Formerly Used Defense Sites (GAO-01-557)

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