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ENVIRONMENTAL CONTAMINATION: Cleanup Actions at Formerly Used Defense Sites

gao-01-1012sp, August 2001

Appendix I: Properties Identified for Potential Inclusion in the FUDS Cleanup Program

Appendix I contains summary data on all 9,171 properties identified for potential inclusion in the FUDS cleanup program. All data are reported as of the end of fiscal year 2000 and were compiled by GAO from Corps data. Further information about the nature of our review and the limitations of these data are presented in the "Scope and Methodology" section.

The 9,171 potential FUDS properties are located throughout the 50 states, the District of Columbia, and 6 U.S. territories and possessions. The Corps had determined, however, that most of these 9,171 properties were either ineligible for the program (2,309) or did not require any cleanup (4,070); 116 properties were still being reviewed for eligibility status and the presence of hazards.

The remaining 2,676 properties were eligible and had hazards that required cleanup, according to the Corps. However, 463 of these properties were subsequently excluded because other parties were found to be responsible for the hazard (405 properties), or because no specific project had been identified as yet (25 properties), or because no projects had been identified or approved for further action (33 properties).

To view tables of data for the FUDS properties in a particular geographical area—including location (county and congressional district), cleanup eligibility, presence of hazards, number of cleanup projects, and cleanup costs—click on the relevant area of the map that follows. Alternatively, you may download zipped comma delimited files or download a zipped excel spreadsheet.

SAS Output

American Samoa 30
Guam 48
Northern Mariana Islands 33
Palau 14
Puerto Rico 79
U.S. Virgin Islands 11

Full Report: Environmental Contamination: Cleanup Actions at Formerly Used Defense Sites (GAO-01-557)

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