GAO-10-799 September 2010 Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellites:
Improvements Needed in Continuity Planning and Involvement of Key Users


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Recommendations for Executive Action

To improve NOAA's ability to maintain geostationary satellites continuity and improve efforts to involve key GOES data users, we recommend that the Secretary of Commerce direct the NOAA Administrator to ensure that the following three actions are taken:

  • Develop and document continuity plans for the operation of geostationary satellites that include the implementation procedures, resources, staff roles, and timetables needed to transition to a single satellite, an international satellite, or other solution.
  • Establish processes for satellite data requirements definition and prioritization to include documented input from external federal agencies that rely on GOES data on future satellite acquisitions.
  • Establish and implement processes to notify these agencies of GOES-R program status and changes.