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Defense: DOD's Coordination of Counter-Improvised Explosive Device Efforts (2011-04)

Opportunities exist to avoid unnecessary redundancies and improve the coordination of counter-improvised explosive device efforts.


The Department of Defense’s (DOD) senior leadership, to include the Deputy Secretary of Defense, should consider what actions the department can take to ensure that the Joint Improvised Explosive Device Defeat Organization (JIEDDO) can centrally collect information and coordinate efforts, and whether it should enhance its tools to ensure all information on departmentwide counter-improvised explosive device (IED) programs is centrally collected and evaluated to limit unnecessary duplication, overlap, and fragmentation.


DOD has taken action to enable the central collection of information on department-wide counter-IED programs, consistent with GAO’s October 2009 recommendations. DOD actions in 2012 and 2013 have enabled JIEDDO to complete the development and implementation of its database for identifying and recording counter-IED initiatives across DOD. JIEDDO developed and maintains the database using several sources to capture comprehensive data on counter-IED efforts department-wide. The approach JIEDDO uses consists of capturing information derived from (1) its own counter-IED initiatives, (2) DOD agency contacts other than JIEDDO, (3) queries to existing DOD information systems that are open and available to JIEDDO, (4) GAO’s list of potential counter-IED initiatives from 2006 to 2011 taken from GAO’s DOD-wide survey completed in 2012, and (5) counter-IED initiatives identified through a February 2012 Joint Staff data call to all DOD components, which was conducted to support DOD efforts to identify the enduring counter-IED capabilities needed by the department. DOD’s Joint Requirements Oversight Council issued memorandums in January 2013 with the effect of making the department-wide data call for counter-IED initiatives an annual requirement. According to JIEDDO officials, the annual data call results will continue to feed into JIEDDO’s database, thereby corroborating counter-IED initiatives identified through the other ongoing means described in the first three items listed above, ensuring that its database is and remains comprehensive. With this database of information available, JIEDDO is better able to comprehensively coordinate all DOD counter-IED efforts, thereby limiting and reducing the risk of duplication in its multibillion-dollar counter-IED efforts, and effectively prioritize projects within future budget levels.

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