Challenges and Opportunities of Aging Populations

PowerPoint Presentation

Longevity is a Challenge and Opportunity for Many Nations, Including The United States

Most Other High-Income Nations Aging More Rapidly Than the United States

Age Demographics of Other High-Income Nations Generally More Pronounced Than The United States

Elderly Dependency Ratio Expected to Increase Faster in Most Other High-Income Nations

U.S. Labor Force Growth Will Continue to Decline

Social Security and Medicare's Hospital Insurance Trust Funds Face Projected Cash Deficits as Population Ages

Composition of Federal Spending by Budget Function

Composition of Spending as a Share of GDP

Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid Spending Are Projected to Grow as a Percent of GDP

Older Worker Labor Force Participation Often Part of Other Nations’ Policy Response to Aging Challenges

Other Nations’ Reforms Seek to Increase Labor Force Participation Of Older Workers In Variety of Ways

National Pension System Reforms Included Policies That Enhance Work Incentives

National/Employer Provided Pension Systems Revised to Include defined Contribution Features

Disability Insurance Program Will Have Reduced Role as a Path to Early Retirement

Labor Market Policies Introduced to Reduce Existing Employment Barriers to Older Workers

Lessons Learned from Other Nations' Efforts to Increase Older Worker Labor Force Participation

Enact Reforms That Are Comprehensive and Complementary

Ensure the Transparency and Availability of Information on Reforms

Strong National Economy Needed to Provide Employment Opportunities to All Workers

U.S. Has Made Progress in Some Areas

But More Remains to Be Done

Older Workers As An Increasingly Important Human Resource For the National Economy