The Case for Change

Table of Contents

Managing Human Capital in the Government Workplace

The Case for Change

The Composition of Federal Spending Will Continue to Change Over Time

Composition of Spending as a Share of GDP Under the Save the Social Security Surpluses Simulation

Composition of Spending asa Share GDP Under the EliminateUnified Surpluses Simulation

Total Outlays as a Percent of GDP 1950 to 2002

Interest in Federal EmploymentAfter September 11

Federal Government vs. Private Business on Selected Job Aspects

Effectiveness of Selected Solutionsto Attract People to Federal Jobs

The Federal Workforce Shortage

Key Enablers for Effective Performance Management

Revamp Human Capital Planning and Management Practices

Federal Government Doing More with Fewer People

Federal Permanent Hires FY 1990-FY1999

Federal Retirement Eligibility Rates FY 1999 - FY 2005

Effects of Responses to Budgetary Cuts, Downsizing, and Outsourcing

Agencies With Lowest and Highest Percentages of Federal Managers Who Agreed on Selected Statements About Their Agencies

Cultural Transformation: A New Model for Government Organizations

Keys to Making Change Happen

Serving the Congress: GAO's Strategic Plan Framework

GAO's Realignment and Restructuring

Human Capital Profiles

Current GAO Staff Retirement Eligible by End of FY 2006

GAO: Leading by Example

Efforts to Address GAO's Human Capital Challenges: Administrative

Efforts to Address GAO's Human Capital Challenges: Legislative

Evaluator Appraisal Scores (1984-2000)

Competency-Based Performance Appraisal

Competency-Based Performance Management System

Strategic Human Capital Management: Next Steps

Human Capital : The Next Steps