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Benefits for GAO Attorneys

GAO provides a full range of benefits to all staff, including attorneys. These include flexible work hours, student loan repayments, and a transit subsidy. GAO staff can also take advantage of our on-site fitness center and an on-site day care center.

See more about benefits for all GAO staff.

The following benefits are specific to GAO attorneys:

Professional Development

You get the information and resources you need for professional growth. Intensive training programs help you handle a wide range of assignments and keep you up-to-date on challenges in the law and major public policy issues

Annual bar dues reimbursement

GAO pays for our attorneys to remain active members in one state bar.

Competitive Salaries

GAO is not subject to the GS scale used by most executive branch agencies. Instead, GAO uses a Band system:

Band Level

2015 Salary Ranges

Eligibility for Promotion Consideration


$76,772 - $110,854

After two years, eligible for promotion to Band II


$105,280 - $147,346

After two years at Band II, eligible for promotion to Band III


$131,208 - $158,700