Applied Research and Methods

Our Work

The primary mission of the Applied Research and Methods (ARM) team is to provide technical and specialist expertise that supports and extends the work of other GAO teams and thus contributes to the overall quality of the information GAO supplies to Congress and federal agencies. Our staff serve as consultants to other GAO teams, provide technical analyses where required, perform specialized reviews, and prepare guidance on methodological issues. We also conduct studies on questions of interest to Congress that require specialized analysis.

Our staff includes six subject matter chiefs—Chief Accountant, Chief Actuary, Chief Economist, Chief Scientist, Chief Statistician, and Chief Technologist—who provide expert advice to all GAO teams. ARM is organized into six offices that assist GAO’s mission teams:

    • Center for Design, Methods, and Analysis
    • Center for Economics
    • Center for Enhanced Analytics
    • Center for Evaluation Methods and Issues
    • Center for Science, Technology, and Engineering
    • Managing Director's Office

Learn more about career opportunities with ARM (PDF)