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A Snapshot of Government-wide Contracting for FY 2021 (Interactive Dashboard)

Posted on August 25, 2022

Note: This blog post was updated to clarify that the decrease in spending of $54 billion was adjusted for inflation.

In Fiscal Year 2021, the federal government spent about $637 billion on contracts, a decrease of $54 billion from FY 2020 after adjusting for inflation.

However, FY 2021 COVID-19-related spending increased from $35 billion to $52 billion, with drugs and biologicals comprising the top products purchased by both defense and civilian agencies.

While the federal workforce performs a wide range of duties, federal agencies also enter into contracts with outside companies and organizations to provide products and services ranging from aircraft and software to food service and health care. 

Our new interactive dashboard details how the federal government spends contracting dollars, including: which agencies obligated the most funds on contracts, what they bought, and whether the contracts were competed.

Access the complete dashboard here, or by clicking on the below image.




Snapshot of federal contract spending bar chart FY 2021