The Health and Welfare of the Nation’s Children (podcast & infographic)

Posted on November 13, 2017
The long-term success of the nation depends in large part on how well families and society care for children. Our recent report looked at more than 20 indicators to get a picture of the state of children’s well-being. We found that while the U.S. has improved in some categories such as health insurance and high school graduation rates, some subgroups continue to fare worse than others. For example, Black, Hispanic, and poor students’ estimated average reading and math scores are worse than those of their White and non-poor peers. And Hispanic children have the lowest rates of insurance. GAO’s Kathy Larin, a director in our Education, Workforce and Income Security team, walks us through some of the trends in the state of U.S. children.
Child Well-Being
And while you’re listening, check out our infographic:
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