Day 1:

Protest is filed.

Day 1 to Day 30:

We will dismiss protests that are untimely or outside our jurisdiction.
(We may also dismiss later.)
* Agency and intervenor may file requests for dismissal of the protest.
* If a protective order is issued, attorneys may file for access.

Day 30 Deadline for the agency to file its report on the protest.

Day 40 Deadline for the protester to file its comments on the agency report. Failure to file comments will 
result in dismissal of the protest. Day 40 to Day 100: We may: * request additional filings by the parties, * conduct alternative dispute resolutions, or; * hold a hearing. Day 100: Deadline for GAO to issue its decision on the protest. We always seek to issue a decision as far in advance of the 100-day deadline as possible. After decision is issued: If a digested decision is not subject to a protective order, it will usually be available within 1-2 days on GAO's Web site. If a digested decision is subject to a protective order, we prepare a public redacted version, which takes
several days to several weeks, or longer, to make publicly available. Routine dismissal decisions are not made public.