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United States Government Accountability Office: 
Washington, DC 20548: 



November 15, 2006: 

The Honorable J. Dennis Hastert: 
Speaker of the House of Representatives: 

Dear Mr. Speaker: 

This letter responds to the requirements of the Competition in 
Contracting Act of 1984, 31 U.S.C.  3554(e)(2) (2000), that the 
Comptroller General report to Congress each instance in which a federal 
agency did not fully implement a recommendation made by our Office in 
connection with a bid protest decided the prior fiscal year. We are 
pleased to report that there was no such occurrence during fiscal year 

During the fiscal year, we received 1,270 protests (including 58 cost 
claims) and 57 requests for reconsideration, for a total of 1,327 
cases. We closed 1,274 cases: 1,224 protests (including 52 cost claims) 
and 50 requests for reconsideration. Enclosed for your information is a 
chart comparing the bid protest activity for fiscal years 2002-2006. 

A copy of this report, with the enclosure, is being furnished to the 
Chairman and Ranking Minority Member of the House Committee on 
Government Reform. A similar report is being furnished to the President 
of the Senate. 

Sincerely yours, 

Signed by: 

Gary L. Kepplinger: 
General Counsel: 


Bid Protest Statistics for Fiscal Years 2002-2006: 

Cases Filed: 
FY 2006: 1,327 (down 2%[1]); 
FY 2005: 1,356 (down 9%); 
FY 2004: 1,485 (up 10%); 
FY 2003: 1,352 (up 12%); 
FY 2002: 1,204 (up 5%).   

Cases Closed: 
FY 2006: 1,274; 
FY 2005: 1,341; 
FY 2004: 1,405; 
FY 2003: 1,244;  
FY 2002: 1,133. 

Merit (Sustain + Deny) Decisions: 
FY 2006: 249; 
FY 2005: 306; 
FY 2004: 365; 
FY 2003: 290; 
FY 2002: 256. 

Number of Sustains: 
FY 2006: 72; 
FY 2005: 71; 
FY 2004: 75; 
FY 2003: 50;  
FY 2002: 41. 

Sustain Rate: 
FY 2006: 29%; 
FY 2005: 23%; 
FY 2004: 21%; 
FY 2003: 17%; 
FY 2002: 16%. 

Effectiveness Rate (reported)[2]: 
FY 2006: 39%; 
FY 2005: 37%; 
FY 2004: 34%; 
FY 2003: 33%; 
FY 2002: 33%. 

ADR[3] (cases used): 
FY 2006: 91; 
FY 2005: 103; 
FY 2004: 123; 
FY 2003: 120; 
FY 2002: 145. 

ADR Success Rate[4]: 
FY 2006: 96%; 
FY 2005: 91%; 
FY 2004: 91%; 
FY 2003: 92%; 
FY 2002: 84%. 

FY 2006: 11% (51 cases); 
FY 2005: 8% (41 cases); 
FY 2004: 9% (56 cases); 
FY 2003: 13% (74 cases); 
FY 2002: 5% (23 cases).  

[1] From the prior fiscal year. 

[2] Based on a protester's obtaining some form of relief from the 
agency, as reported to GAO. 

[3] Alternative Dispute Resolution. 

[4] Percentage resolved without a formal GAO decision. 

[End of enclosure] 

[End of report]