Information from GAO Superfund Survey 1999

[Rhode Island] PETERSON/PURITAN, INC (RID055176283)

Site ID: RID055176283
Site name and region Location, county, and size of site Date EPA added site to National Priorities List (NPL) When added to NPL, buildings present at site When added to NPL, site also had Primary contaminants at site Causes of contamination Public health advisory issued Primary financial responsibility for site
Peterson / Puritan, Incorporated Region=1 Martin Street, Cumberland RI 02864 / Providence / 2 square miles Sept. 1983 abandoned commercial, public, or industrial buildings; industry/manufacturing (operating) agricultural lands; buried barrels, tanks, drums; debris piles; landfill(s); monitoring wells; rivers/creeks/streams; wetlands/estuaries; water wells inorganic, VOCs chemical manufacturing, chemical spills, chemical use and/or disposal, use as landfill, recycling/scrapyards, underground storage tanks, industrial leachfields No Other

Cleanup actions taken at site prior to the formal cleanup actions
performed either by EPA or party determined to be responsible
for cleanup:
EPA's site ID=RID055176283
Access to site was restricted People were relocated Alternative water supply was provided Media removed and treated On-site treatment (biological, physical, chemical, or thermal) Removal of barrels, drums, tanks, or other containers

EPA's site ID=RID055176283
Start date(s) for any planned or in-progress studies to determine best cleanup methods Projected signing date(s) for any unsigned record(s) of decision (ROD) specifying cleanup actions to be performed
4th quarter, FY 1999 1st quarter, FY 2002

EPA's site ID=RID055176283
Date(s) of signed ROD(s) specifying cleanup actions to be performed Date of most recent amendment, if ROD has been amended Explanation for ROD specifying "No action" or "No further action"
Sept. 1993 No amendment Not applicable

EPA's site ID=RID055176283
Start date(s) for design of cleanup methods Completion date(s) for design of cleanup methods Party responsible for cleanup
3rd quarter, FY 2003 3rd quarter, FY 2004 Private
Apr. 1995 Apr. 1996 Private
Apr. 1995 July 1996 Private

EPA's site ID=RID055176283
Cleanup action(s) performed at site and party conducting action(s) Type of action taken Contaminated media addressed Start date(s) for action(s) Completion date(s) for action(s) Volumes addressed Volumes remaining
Long-term/Private Deed restriction Groundwater Oct. 1997 1st quarter, FY 2001    
Long-term/Private Air stripping (Removing contaminants in water by exposing them to air) Groundwater July 1995 July 1997    
Long-term/Private Chemical reduction/oxidation (Using oxidizing agents, such as hydrogen, to degrade contaminants) Groundwater July 1996 Apr. 1997    
Long-term/Private Natural attenuation (Allowing contaminants to naturally degrade over time) Groundwater July 1996 Apr. 1997    
Long-term/Private Institutional controls-N.O.S. (Legally controlling land use and other resources to reduce risk) Groundwater Oct. 1997 Not reported    
Long-term/Private Excavation Other July 1995 Aug. 1996    
Long-term/Private Excavation Other July 1996 Mar. 1998    
Short-term/EPA Excavation Other Sept. 1997 Jan. 1998    
Long-term/Private Cap (Placing an impermeable cover over contaminants) Soil July 1995 Aug. 1996 1 acres (estimated) of contaminated media already addressed  
Long-term/Private Vapor phase carbon adsorption (Using carbon to catch pollutants in air) Soil July 1995 1st quarter, FY 2010    
Long-term/Private Soil vapor extraction Soil Apr. 1996 July 1997    
Short-term/EPA Excavation Soil Sept. 1991 Apr. 1992 0 cubic yards (estimated) already excavated  
Short-term/EPA Access restriction, fencing Soil Sept. 1991 Apr. 1992    
Short-term/EPA Access restriction, fencing Solid Waste Sept. 1997 Jan. 1998