Information from GAO Superfund Survey 1999


Site ID: PAD054142781
Site name and region Location, county, and size of site Date EPA added site to National Priorities List (NPL) When added to NPL, buildings present at site When added to NPL, site also had Primary contaminants at site Causes of contamination Public health advisory issued Primary financial responsibility for site
Keystone sanitation landfill Region=3 RD 1, Hanover PA 17331 / Adams / 40 acres July 1987 residential housing agricultural lands; landfill(s); monitoring wells; rivers/creeks/streams; water wells metals, methane, organics, SVOCs, VOCs use as landfill Don't know Private party

EPA's site ID=PAD054142781
Start date(s) for any planned or in-progress studies to determine best cleanup methods Projected signing date(s) for any unsigned record(s) of decision (ROD) specifying cleanup actions to be performed
Apr. 1994 Not reported

EPA's site ID=PAD054142781
Date(s) of signed ROD(s) specifying cleanup actions to be performed Date of most recent amendment, if ROD has been amended Explanation for ROD specifying "No action" or "No further action"
Sept. 1990 No amendment Not applicable

EPA's site ID=PAD054142781
Start date(s) for design of cleanup methods Completion date(s) for design of cleanup methods Party responsible for cleanup
Mar. 1992 Mar. 1994 Private
June 1999 Sept. 1999 Private
Mar. 1992 Aug. 1997 Private
Mar. 1992 Aug. 1997 Private

EPA's site ID=PAD054142781
Cleanup action(s) performed at site and party conducting action(s) Type of action taken Contaminated media addressed Start date(s) for action(s) Completion date(s) for action(s) Volumes addressed Volumes remaining
Long-term/Private Pump and treat (Extracting and then treating contaminated groundwater) Groundwater Aug. 1998 4th quarter, FY 1999    
Long-term/Private Carbon adsorption Groundwater 4th quarter, FY 1999 2nd quarter, FY 2000    
Short-term/EPA Alternate drinking water, temporary replacement Groundwater July 1995 July 1996 12 (estimated) individuals receiving temporary water supply  
Long-term/Private Access restriction, fencing Soil Mar. 1994 July 1994    
Long-term/Private Cap (Placing an impermeable cover over contaminants) Soil 4th quarter, FY 2000 4th quarter, FY 2001   40 acres of contaminated media remaining to be addressed