Increase in Revenue Needed to Close the Fiscal Gap without Decreasing Spending, with Federal Revenues for Comparison
6%8%35%51%Individualincome taxesSocialSecurity andother payrolltaxesOtherreceiptsCorporateincome taxes
Individual income taxes$1,684 billion dollars
Social Security and other payroll taxes$1,171 billion dollars
Other receipts$270 billion dollars
Corporate income taxes$205 billion dollars
37%63%Immediateandpermanentincrease inrevenue toclose thefiscal gap
Immediate and permanent increase in revenue to close the fiscal gap37%

Source: GAO and GAO analysis of Congressional Budget Office data.
Notes: The colored pie on the left represents revenue in 2018. The green slice in the pie on the right is the fiscal gap, as calculated from GAO’s 2019 alternative simulation. Read about the assumptions underlying this simulation.
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