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U.S. Census Bureau

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Open Recommendations (1 total)

2020 Census: Bureau Released Apportionment and Redistricting Data, but Needs to Finalize Plans for Future Data Products

1 Open Recommendations
Agency Affected Recommendation Status
U.S. Census Bureau The Director of the Census Bureau should update its schedule for disclosure avoidance-related activities, to include specific time frames for all related activities. (Recommendation 1)
Open – Partially Addressed
The Census Bureau agreed with our recommendation and its importance for the success of future censuses. In an action plan from September 2022, the Bureau provided target dates for the completion of production schedules, development schedules, and testing schedules for multiple stateside and Island Area Census data products. According to the Bureau, these schedules are prerequisites for the creation of a data product release schedule. Subsequently, the Bureau provided schedule information that included specific time frames for disclosure avoidance-related activities for several 2020 Census data products. However, as of March 2024, the Bureau had not yet incorporated disclosure avoidance-related activities into its schedule for two 2020 Census data products. Bureau officials reported that they planned to incorporate these activities into the schedule in April 2024. In order to fully implement this recommendation, the Bureau will need to include estimated time frames for disclosure avoidance-related activities for all of its 2020 Census data products in its schedule. We will continue to monitor the Bureau's progress in addressing this recommendation.