[Code of Federal Regulations]
[Title 4, Volume 1]
[Revised as of January 1, 2009]
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[CITE: 4CFR81.7]

[Page 85-86]
                            TITLE 4--ACCOUNTS
Sec. 81.7  Fees and charges.

    (a) No fee or charge will be made for:
    (1) Records provided under this part when the direct costs involve 
less than one hour of search time and 50 pages of photocopying.
    (2) Staff-hours spent in resolving any legal or policy questions 
pertaining to the request.
    (3) Copies of records, including those certified as true copies, 
furnished for official use to a federal government officer or employee.
    (4) Copies of pertinent records furnished to a party having a direct 

[[Page 86]]

immediate interest in a matter pending before GAO, when necessary or 
desirable to the performance of a GAO function.
    (b) The fees and charges described below will be assessed for the 
direct costs of search, review, and reproduction of records available to 
the public under this part.
    (1) The cost for reproduction per page shall be 20 cents.
    (2) The cost for a certification of authenticity shall be $10 for 
each certificate.
    (3) Manual search and review for records by office personnel will be 
assessed at $12, $25, or $45 per hour, depending on the rate of pay of 
the individual actually conducting the search or review, and the 
complexity of the search.
    (4) Other direct costs related to the request may be charged for 
such items as computer searches.
    (5) Except as noted immediately below, requesters generally will be 
charged only for document duplication. However, there may be times when 
a search charge will be added, for example, if records are not described 
with enough specificity to enable them to be located within one hour. 
Requesters seeking records for commercial use will be charged for 
document duplication, search, and review costs. Additionally, 
representatives of the news media, in support of a news gathering or 
dissemination function, and education or noncommercial scientific 
institutions not seeking records for commercial use will be charged only 
for document duplication, unless such request requires extraordinary 
search or review.
    (c) GAO shall notify the requester if an advance deposit is 
    (d) Fees and charges shall be paid by check or money order payable 
to the U.S. Government Accountability Office.
    (e) The Chief Quality Officer may waive or reduce the fees under 
this section upon a determination that disclosure of the records 
requested is in the public interest, is likely to contribute 
significantly to public understanding of the operations or activities of 
the government, and is not primarily in the commercial interest of the 
requester. Persons seeking a waiver or fee reduction may be required to 
submit a statement setting forth the intended purpose for which the 
records are requested, indicate how disclosure will primarily benefit 
the public and, in appropriate cases, explain why the volume of records 
requested is necessary. Determinations pursuant to this paragraph are 
solely within the discretion of GAO.