[Code of Federal Regulations]
[Title 4, Volume 1]
[Revised as of January 1, 2009]
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[CITE: 4CFR81.5]

[Page 84]
                            TITLE 4--ACCOUNTS
Sec. 81.5  Records originating outside GAO, records of interviews, or records involving work in progress.

    (a) It is the policy of GAO not to provide records from its files 
that originate in another agency or nonfederal organization to persons 
who may not be entitled to obtain the records from the originator. In 
such instances, requesters will be referred to the person or 
organization that originated the records.
    (b) It is the policy of GAO that prior to the release of a record of 
interview created by GAO in connection with an audit, evaluation, or 
investigation of a program, activity, or funding of a government entity, 
GAO will notify the agency from which an interview was obtained of the 
request. GAO will provide that agency with a reasonable opportunity to 
indicate whether the record of interview or portions thereof should be 
exempt from disclosure and the reason(s) for the exemption. The public 
disclosure of a record of interview remains within the discretion of 
GAO's Chief Quality Officer, but GAO will consider the views of the 
agency and the exemptions provided for under Sec. 81.6 or any other law 
or regulation in deciding whether to release all or portions of a record 
of interview.
    (c) In order to avoid disruption of work in progress, and in the 
interests of fairness to those who might be adversely affected by the 
release of information which has not been fully reviewed to assure its 
accuracy and completeness, it is the policy of GAO not to provide 
records which are part of ongoing reviews or other current projects. In 
response to such requests, GAO will inform the requester of the 
estimated completion date of the review or project so that the requester 
may then ask for the records. At that time, the records may be released 
unless exempt from disclosure under Sec. 81.6.

[68 FR 33832, June 6, 2003, as amended at 72 FR 50643, Sept. 4, 2007]