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Michael Hoffman

Director, Applied Research and Methods

Areas of Expertise:

  • Economic analysis of federal programs
  • COVID-19 pandemic and the economy
  • Macroeconomics and inflation
  • Financial markets
  • International economics

Michael Hoffman is the Director of GAO’s Center for Economics, within the Applied Research and Methods team. He oversees the economic analysis of federal programs and policies, and significant national and global economic developments, across a broad range of congressional priorities. 

Michael joined GAO in July 2005. Before assuming leadership of GAO’s economics team, Michael carried out economic and econometric analyses to support assessments of the Federal Reserve, Treasury, State Department, Department of Labor, and International Monetary Fund. Michael played a key role in GAO’s assessment of the impact of the Troubled Asset Relief Program during the 2007-2009 financial crisis, and in evaluations of many of the financial reforms instituted under the Dodd-Frank Act. As an Assistant Director on GAO’s CARES Act mandated oversight, Michael regularly advised GAO’s leadership and clients on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the economy.

Michael earned a doctoral degree in economics from Duke University. Michael earned a bachelor’s degree in statistics and economics from the University of Michigan.