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John D. Sawyer

Director, Education, Workforce, and Income Security

Areas of Expertise:

  • Worker education and training
  • Contingent worker protections
  • Equitable employment opportunities
  • Transition of veterans into the civilian workforce

John D. Sawyer is a Director in GAO’s Education, Workforce, and Income Security team. He oversees work on workforce issues, including worker education and training, contingent worker protections, equitable employment opportunities, and the transition of veterans into the civilian workforce.

John joined GAO in June 1989. During his tenure, he has overseen GAO’s work monitoring the Missile Defense Agency’s multi-billion dollar effort to defend the United States and its allies from ballistic missile attacks and led reviews of financial management at the Department of Defense, the Department of Homeland Security, and the Internal Revenue Service.

John earned a bachelor’s degree in accounting from Elizabeth City State University.