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Again, Among Mid-Sized Agencies, GAO Named

#1 Best Place to Work in the Federal Government

Our Latest Duplication & Overlap Report

Uncovering Billions of Dollars in Potential Savings

2024 Yellow Book Revision

Updating the Standards for Government Auditing

Our work yields $70.4 billion in FY 2023

Financial Benefits for Congress and the American People

UPDATED for 2023

Our List of “High Risk” Federal Programs

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AI: How Will it Change the World and the Way You Live?

AI: How Will it Change the World and the Way You Live?

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What is AI, how will it re-shape our world, and what should be taken into consideration as it...

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Meet The U.S. Comptroller General

Gene L. Dodaro is the eighth Comptroller General of the United States and head of GAO. As Comptroller General, Mr. Dodaro leads GAO and helps oversee the hundreds of reports and testimonies that GAO provides each year to various committees and individual Members of Congress. The U.S. Comptroller General is appointed to a 15-year term.