Special Publications: Computer and Information Technology

Assessing the Reliability of Computer-Processed Data
GAO-03-273G  October 1, 2002

Electronic Law Enforcement: Introduction to Investigations in an Electronic Environment GAO-01-121G   February 2001

Executive Guide: Information Security Management--Learning From Leading Organizations
AIMD-98-68  May 1, 1998
Executive Guide: Maximizing the Success of Chief Information Officers: Learning From Leading Organizations
GAO-01-376G  February 1, 2001
Executive Guide: Measuring Performance and Demonstrating Results of Information Technology Investments
AIMD-98-89  March 1, 1998

GAO Federal Information System Controls Audit Manual (FISCAM)

Human Services Integration: Results of a GAO Cosponsored Conference on Modernizing Information Systems
GAO-02-121  January 31, 2002
Information Security Risk Assessment: Practices of Leading Organizations
AIMD-00-33  November 1, 1999
Information Technology: An Audit Guide For Assessing Acquisition Risks
IMTEC-8.1.4  December 1, 1992
Assessing Risks and Returns: A Guide for Evaluating Federal Agencies' IT Investment Decision-making
AIMD-10.1.13  February 3, 1997
Information Technology Investment Management: A Framework for Assessing and Improving Process Maturity
GAO-04-394G  March 1, 2004

Questionnaire Programming Language (QPL) site

QPL Version 4.0, released in April 1996. Includes the capability to setup and monitor a network-based CATI or data-entry project. Two programs, NCOLLECT and MONITOR, allow multiple interviewers to simultaneously share the same data and case control files.