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    Subject Term: "Veterans' long-term care"

    1 publication with a total of 2 open recommendations
    Director: Debra Draper
    Phone: (202) 512-7114

    2 open recommendations
    Recommendation: The Secretary of Veterans Affairs should direct the Under Secretary for Health to conduct an evaluation of the implementation of the VISN realignment to determine whether deficiencies exist that need corrective actions, and apply lessons learned from the evaluation to future organizational structure changes, such as possible changes to VISN staffing models or actions to implement Commission on Care recommendations.

    Agency: Department of Veterans Affairs
    Status: Open

    Comments: VHA concurred with this recommendation, stating that VHA's Office of Workforce Management and Consulting (WMC) would evaluate the implementation of the VISN realignment to include the identification of deficiencies for correction, lessons learned, and potential changes to the VISN staffing models. VHA stated that as the implementation activities near completion in fiscal year 2017, WMC would evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of the VISN realignment processes. In December 2016, VHA reported that WMC had begun consultations with the Office of Strategic Integration on a strategic assessment of the VHA organizational structure in the field to 1) identify and recommend to leadership optimal proposals for organization design efficiencies and 2) define and recommend analytical and implementation procedures that will avoid the challenges from previous field reorganizations. As of April 2017, VHA reported that the Principal Deputy Under Secretary for Health found that lessons learned from the VISN Realignment Workgroup needed to be incorporated into the VA Modernization initiative, and directed the VHA's Office of Strategic Integration to coordinate with WMC and former members of the VISN Realignment Workgroup to determine how best to document lessons learned and apply them to future organizational structure changes. In July 2017, VHA told us that a Rapid Design and Implementation functional assessment of VHA Central Office and VISN organizations had been completed, which included a survey, interviews with central office and VISN officials, and other meetings. VHA stated its target completion date of September 2017 was unchanged, but did not provide additional detail on how the functional assessment is related to the evaluation of the VISN realignment that we recommended VHA conduct, or how lessons learned from the realignment are being incorporated into organizational structure changes such as the new functional chart VHA reported developing.
    Recommendation: The Secretary of Veterans Affairs should direct the Under Secretary for Health to develop a process to ensure that organizational structure recommendations resulting from internal and external reviews of VHA are evaluated for implementation. This process should include the documentation of decisions and assigning officials or offices responsibility for ensuring that approved recommendations are implemented.

    Agency: Department of Veterans Affairs
    Status: Open

    Comments: VHA concurred with this recommendation. In December 2016, VHA stated that its Office of Workforce Management and Consulting (WMC) had begun to develop a consistent process to ensure that organizational structure changes are evaluated and implemented appropriately. In addition, a first draft of a permanent organization approval procedure had been completed and was undergoing review for the Under Secretary for Health. In May 2017, VHA officials told us their initial work on this recommendation was paused to allow the Agency to respond to President Trump's Executive Order dated March 13, 2017, on "Comprehensive Plan for Reorganizing the Executive Branch." VHA reported that WMC's proposed process will be assessed in the context of the Executive Order. In July 2017, VHA reported that the VA Modernization Team evaluated the results from a VHA Rapid Design and Implementation functional review, which was conducted to determine where shared areas of responsibilities and redundancies exist across VHA, and developed a draft functional chart that was under review. WMC anticipated continuing work on this recommendation after the functional chart's approval, with an anticipated completion date of September 2017. We will follow-up with VHA to obtain updates on both the organizational structure changes process as well as the new functional chart for VHA.