[Protests of NARA Contract Award for Security Services]

B-254392.10,B-254392.11,B-254392.12,B-254392.13,B-254392.8,B-254: Feb 9, 1994

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Three firms protested a National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) contract award for security guard services, contending that NARA unreasonably evaluated the bids. GAO held that: (1) the solicitation did not state that award would be made solely on the basis of the bidder's level of compensation; (2) the awardee's training costs were feasible, since as the incumbent contractor it employed experienced guards who would require less training that other bidders' personnel; (3) NARA held meaningful discussions with all bidders; (4) NARA did not relax the performance requirements for the awardee; (5) there was no evidence that NARA acted in bad faith in determining the awardee's responsibility; (6) one protester untimely filed its protest more than 10 days after it knew the basis of protest; (7) NARA reasonably evaluated the bidders' proposed personnel in accordance with the solicitation's evaluation criteria; and (8) NARA made a reasonable price-technical tradeoff and determined that the low bid represented the best value to the government. Accordingly, the protests were denied in part and dismissed in part.