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[Question Concerning FOIA Request]

B-173761: Published: Aug 20, 1985. Publicly Released: Aug 20, 1985.
Request for Copy of Confidential Report

B-173761: Published: Jan 5, 1978. Publicly Released: Jan 10, 1984.
Views and Comments on H.R. 15353, 94th Congress, Second Session

B-173761: Published: Nov 19, 1976. Publicly Released: Sep 27, 1983.
Contributions Made to Nursing Homes by Individuals Under Medicare

B-173761: Published: Feb 7, 1977. Publicly Released: Sep 27, 1983.
Comments on Draft Report on Bank Regulatory Agencies

B-173761: Published: Jan 4, 1977. Publicly Released: Sep 27, 1983.