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Assessment of the Impact Aid Program

B-164031(1): Published: Oct 15, 1976. Publicly Released: Oct 15, 1976.
Examination Into Grants to National Reading Center Foundation

B-164031(1): Published: Apr 4, 1972. Publicly Released: Apr 4, 1972.
Need for Improving the Administration of Study and Evaluation Contracts

B-164031(1): Published: Aug 16, 1971. Publicly Released: Aug 16, 1971.
Assessment of the Teacher Corps Program

B-164031(1): Published: Jul 14, 1972. Publicly Released: Jul 14, 1972.
Review of Selected Projects Under the Bilingual Education Program

B-164031(1): Published: Feb 15, 1973. Publicly Released: Feb 22, 1973.