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Department of Defense Property Disposal Operations in Vietnam

B-159451: Published: Apr 1, 1974. Publicly Released: Apr 1, 1974.
East Asian Regional Economic Assistance Program

B-159451: Published: Aug 10, 1973. Publicly Released: Aug 10, 1973.
Logistic Aspects of Vietnamization--1969-72

B-159451: Published: Jan 31, 1973. Publicly Released: Jan 31, 1973.
Progress and Problems of U.S. Assistance for Land Reform in Vietnam

B-159451: Published: Jun 22, 1973. Publicly Released: Jun 22, 1973.
U.S. Funds Going to and/or Expended in South Vietnam

B-159451: Published: Mar 27, 1974. Publicly Released: Feb 24, 1975.
Department of Defense Funds for Indochina

B-159451: Published: Apr 30, 1974. Publicly Released: Jun 30, 1983.
U.S. Government Expenditures in Cambodia, Laos, and South Vietnam]

B-159451: Published: Jun 10, 1974. Publicly Released: Jun 30, 1983.
Logistic Aspects Of Vietnamization--1962-72

B-159451: Published: Jan 31, 1972. Publicly Released: Jan 31, 1972.