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Revenue Sharing: Its Use by and Impact on Local Governments

B-146285: Published: Apr 25, 1974. Publicly Released: Apr 25, 1974.
Revenue Sharing Funds for Programs for the Handicapped and Children

B-146285: Published: May 30, 1974. Publicly Released: May 30, 1974.
Revenue Sharing: Its Use By and Impact on State Governments

B-146285: Published: Aug 2, 1973. Publicly Released: Aug 2, 1973.
Information on the Interest Cost of the Revenue Sharing Program

B-146285: Published: Oct 2, 1973. Publicly Released: Jun 13, 1974.
Comments on S. 1835

B-146285: Published: Nov 19, 1979. Publicly Released: Nov 19, 1979.
House Bill Entitled "Intergovernmental Coordination Act of 1976"

B-146285: Published: Oct 28, 1976. Publicly Released: Sep 27, 1983.