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Statistical Data Concerning the Military Airlift Command Fleet

B-133025: Published: May 22, 1972. Publicly Released: May 22, 1972.
Improved Use of Cargo Space on Ammunition Ships by BetterPlanning

B-133025: Published: Mar 21, 1972. Publicly Released: Mar 21, 1972.
Review of the Military Air Export Cargo Management Functions

B-133025: Published: Oct 18, 1973. Publicly Released: Oct 18, 1973.
Army's Routine Economic Airlift (REAL) Program

B-133025: Published: Jun 17, 1974. Publicly Released: Jun 17, 1974.
Use of Military Airlift Command Flights by Government Employees

B-133025: Published: Mar 3, 1972. Publicly Released: Nov 10, 1982.