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Government Publications to Older Americans

B-130961: Published: Oct 12, 1972. Publicly Released: Oct 12, 1972.
State Department Mailing List Used for Mailing Political Material

B-130961: Published: Dec 13, 1972. Publicly Released: Dec 13, 1972.
Use of Military Aircraft for Political Purposes

B-130961: Published: Dec 26, 1972. Publicly Released: Dec 26, 1972.
The Proposed Office of Government Ethics, Chapter 12 of H.R. 6954

B-130961: Published: Sep 14, 1977. Publicly Released: Sep 14, 1977.
Study of the Senate and House Financial Disclosure Systems

B-130961: Published: Jul 19, 1979. Publicly Released: Jun 4, 1985.
Comments on a Proposed Amendment to H.R. 2717

B-130961: Published: Jun 22, 1983. Publicly Released: Jun 4, 1985.