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Need for More Effective Audit Activities

B-130515: Published: Apr 4, 1973. Publicly Released: Apr 4, 1973.
Activities of the California State Economic Opportunity Office

B-130515: Published: Jun 14, 1973. Publicly Released: Jun 14, 1973.
September 1972 Labor Dispute in the City of Artesia, New Mexico

B-130515: Published: Mar 11, 1974. Publicly Released: Nov 9, 1982.
Activities of VISTA Volunteers, Sisseton, South Dakota

B-130515: Published: Jul 10, 1970. Publicly Released: Nov 12, 1982.
Concentrated Employment Program, Birmingham, AL

B-130515: Published: Jan 20, 1970. Publicly Released: Nov 17, 1982.
Administration of Police Pilot District Project Grant Funds

B-130515: Published: Jun 15, 1970. Publicly Released: Nov 12, 1982.