Appropriations Law Forums

GAO’s Office of General Counsel hosts an annual appropriations law forum for federal lawyers who practice appropriations or fiscal law. Attendance is by invitation only.

At the forum, GAO usually distributes

    • a compilation of digests from decisions and opinions issued in the prior calendar year,
    • an update to the third edition of the Principles of Federal Appropriations Law treatise, and
    • a year-in-review document that discusses several of the most significant cases in depth.

Forums have also featured discussions on specific issues of general import in appropriations law.

2015 Forum

Law Forum Materials

2014 Forum

Law Forum Materials

2013 Forum

Impact of Appropriations Provisions: A Case Study
Public—Private Partnerships

2012 Forum

Impact of Appropriations Prohibitions: A Case Study
Responding to an Antideficiency Act Violation

2011 Forum

What You Should Know about Congressional Scoring
Perspectives on the Appropriations Legislative Process
Incremental Funding: Insights and Experiences

2010 Forum

Perspectives on Personal Expenses
Intersection of Appropriations and Contract Law

2009 Forum

Personal Expenses versus Official Expenses
Appropriations Issues for Political Appointees

2008 Forum

No-Cost Contracts
Interagency Transactions

2007 Forum

Open-Ended Indemnification Clauses — Issues and Perspectives
Continuing Resolutions — Continuing Challenges

2006 Forum

Interagency Severable Services Agreements: Pitfalls and Opportunities
Meetings & Conferences: Public/Private Sponsorship

2005 Forum

    Meals and Refreshments
    Interagency Transactions