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Transforming DOD's Business Operations

Weaknesses in key business operations within the Department of Defense (DOD) adversely affect DOD's efficiency and effectiveness, and hinder its ability to free up resources for higher priority needs.

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DOD spends billions of dollars each year to sustain key business operations intended to support the warfighter. At a time of growing fiscal constraints, transforming DOD’s business operations will be critical.

Many of DOD's key business operations are high-risk due to their vulnerability to waste, fraud, abuse, and mismanagement. Longstanding deficiencies have resulted in a lack of adequate accountability, causing DOD to experience cost growth and waste billions of dollars annually.

  • High-risk areas specific to DOD include its approach to business transformation, business systems modernization, support infrastructure management, financial management, supply chain management, weapon system acquisition, and DOD contract management.
  • In addition, DOD shares responsibility for several high-risk areas that are governmentwide in nature, such as managing federal real property management, strategic human capital management, and management of interagency contracting.

Common to all of DOD’s high-risk areas is the need for sustained, senior-level leadership and a more strategic decision-making approach to ensure that programs and investments are based on plans with measurable goals, clear objectives, validated requirements, prioritized resource needs, and performance measures to gauge progress.

Looking for our recommendations? Click on any report to find each associated recommendation and its current implementation status.

Defense Business Transformation:

Improvements Made but Additional Steps Needed to Strengthen Strategic Planning and Assess Progress
Published: Feb 12, 2013. Publicly Released: Feb 12, 2013.

DOD Business Systems Modernization:

Governance Mechanisms for Implementing Management Controls Need to Be Improved
Published: Jun 1, 2012. Publicly Released: Jun 1, 2012.

Defense Inventory:

Actions Underway to Implement Improvement Plan, but Steps Needed to Enhance Efforts
Published: May 3, 2012. Publicly Released: May 3, 2012.

DOD Financial Management:

Challenges in Attaining Audit Readiness and Improving Business Processes and Systems
Published: Apr 18, 2012. Publicly Released: Apr 18, 2012.

Defense Acquisitions:

Assessments of Selected Weapon Programs
Published: Mar 29, 2012. Publicly Released: Mar 29, 2012.

More Reports

Defense Acquisitions:

Assessment of Institute for Defense Analyses' C-130 Avionics Modernization Program Analysis
Published: May 29, 2014. Publicly Released: May 29, 2014.

National Defense:

Army Workload and Performance System:

Actions Needed to Complete Assessment of Unnecessary Overlap with Logistics Modernization Program
Published: Feb 28, 2014. Publicly Released: Feb 28, 2014.

DOD Business Systems Modernization:

Air Force Business System Schedule and Cost Estimates
Published: Feb 7, 2014. Publicly Released: Mar 10, 2014.

Defense Logistics:

Army Should Track Financial Benefits Realized from its Logistics Modernization Program
Published: Nov 13, 2013. Publicly Released: Nov 13, 2013.

DOD Business Systems Modernization:

Further Actions Needed to Address Challenges and Improve Accountability
Published: May 17, 2013. Publicly Released: May 17, 2013.

Organizational Transformation:

Enterprise Architecture Value Needs to Be Measured and Reported
Published: Sep 26, 2012. Publicly Released: Sep 26, 2012.

Tactical Aircraft:

Comparison of F-22A and Legacy Fighter Modernization Programs
Published: Apr 26, 2012. Publicly Released: Apr 26, 2012.

Organizational Transformation:

Military Departments Can Improve Their Enterprise Architecture Programs
Published: Sep 26, 2011. Publicly Released: Sep 26, 2011.

Department of Defense:

Further Actions Needed to Institutionalize Key Business System Modernization Management Controls
Published: Jun 29, 2011. Publicly Released: Jun 29, 2011.
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