Best Practices: Methodology

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Defense Acquisitions: Application of Lessons Learned and Best Practices in the Presidential Helicopter Program
GAO-11-380R, March 25, 2011
NASA: Assessments of Selected Large-Scale Projects
GAO-10-227SP, February 1, 2010
Bureau of Prisons: Methods for Cost Estimation Largely Reflect Best Practices, but Quantifying Risks Would Enhance Decision Making
GAO-10-94, November 10, 2009
Financial Management Systems: DHS Faces Challenges to Successfully Consolidate Its Existing Disparate Systems
GAO-10-210T, October 29, 2009
Defense Acquisitions: Measuring the Value of DOD's Weapon Programs Requires Starting with Realistic Baselines
GAO-09-543T, April 1, 2009
Defense Acquisitions: Assessments of Selected Weapon Programs
GAO-09-326SP, March 30, 2009
NASA: Assessments of Selected Large-Scale Projects
GAO-09-306SP, March 2, 2009
GAO Cost Estimating and Assessment Guide: Best Practices for Developing and Managing Capital Program Costs (Supersedes GAO-07-1134SP)
GAO-09-3SP, March 2, 2009
Defense Acquisitions: Results of Annual Assessment of DOD Weapon Programs
GAO-08-674T, April 29, 2008
Defense Acquisitions: Assessments of Selected Weapon Programs
GAO-08-467SP, March 31, 2008
Information Technology: DHS's Human Capital Plan Is Largely Consistent with Relevant Guidance, but Improvements and Implementation Steps Are Still Needed
GAO-07-425, September 10, 2007
Defense Acquisitions: Assessments of Selected Weapon Programs
GAO-07-406SP, March 30, 2007
Grants Management: Enhancing Performance Accountability Provisions Could Lead to Better Results
GAO-06-1046, September 29, 2006
National Transportation Safety Board: Preliminary Observations on the Value of Comprehensive Planning, and Greater Use of Leading Practices and the Training Academy
GAO-06-801T, May 24, 2006
2010 Census: Census Bureau Generally Follows Selected Leading Acquisition Planning Practices, but Continued Management Attention Is Needed to Help Ensure Success
GAO-06-277, May 18, 2006
Hurricane Katrina: Improving Federal Contracting Practices in Disaster Recovery Operations
GAO-06-714T, May 4, 2006
Space Acquisitions: Improvements Needed in Space Systems Acquisitions and Keys to Achieving Them
GAO-06-626T, April 6, 2006
Defense Acquisitions: Assessments of Selected Major Weapon Programs
GAO-06-391, March 31, 2006
Financial Management Systems: DHS Has an Opportunity to Incorporate Best Practices in Modernization Efforts
GAO-06-553T, March 29, 2006
DOD Systems Modernization: Planned Investment in the Naval Tactical Command Support System Needs to be Reassessed
GAO-06-215, December 5, 2005
DOD Business Systems Modernization: Navy ERP Adherence to Best Business Practices Critical to Avoid Past Failures
GAO-05-858, September 29, 2005
Federal Aviation Administration: Stronger Architecture Program Needed to Guide Systems Modernization Efforts
GAO-05-266, April 29, 2005
Defense Acquisitions: Assessments of Selected Major Weapon Programs
GAO-05-301, March 31, 2005
Federal-Aid Highways: FHWA Needs a Comprehensive Approach to Improving Project Oversight
GAO-05-173, January 31, 2005
Port Security: Better Planning Needed to Develop and Operate Maritime Worker Identification Card Program
GAO-05-106, December 10, 2004
Best Practices: Using Spend Analysis to Help Agencies Take a More Strategic Approach to Procurement
GAO-04-870, September 16, 2004
Defense Acquisitions: Challenges Facing the DD(X) Destroyer Program
GAO-04-973, September 3, 2004
Information Technology: DOD's Acquisition Policies and Guidance Need to Incorporate Additional Best Practices and Controls
GAO-04-722, July 30, 2004
DOD Business Systems Modernization: Limited Progress in Development of Business Enterprise Architecture and Oversight of Information Technology Investments
GAO-04-731R, May 17, 2004
Additional Posthearing Questions Related to Proposed Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Human Capital Regulations
GAO-04-617R, April 30, 2004
Defense Acquisitions: Assessments of Major Weapon Programs
GAO-04-248, March 31, 2004
Information Technology Investment Management: A Framework for Assessing and Improving Process Maturity (Supersedes AIMD-10.1.23)
GAO-04-394G, March 1, 2004
Best Practices: Highlights of the Knowledge-Based Approach Used to Improve Weapon Acquisition
GAO-04-392SP, January 1, 2004
Determining Performance and Accountability Challenges and High Risks
GAO-01-159SP, November 1, 2000
Program Evaluation: Studies Helped Agencies Measure or Explain Program Performance
GGD-00-204, September 29, 2000
Human Capital: A Self-Assessment Checklist for Agency Leaders
OCG-00-14G, September 1, 2000
Year 2000 Computing Crisis: A Testing Guide (Supersedes AIMD-10.1.21)
AIMD-10.1.21, November 1, 1998
Year 2000 Computing Crisis: Business Continuity and Contingency Planning (Supersedes AIMD-10.1.19)
AIMD-10.1.19, August 1, 1998
The Results Act: An Evaluator's Guide to Assessing Agency Annual Performance Plans
GGD-10.1.20, April 1, 1998
Executive Guide: Measuring Performance and Demonstrating Results of Information Technology Investments
AIMD-98-89, March 1, 1998
Agencies' Annual Performance Plans Under the Results Act: An Assessment Guide to Facilitate Congressional Decisionmaking
GGD/AIMD-10.1.18, February 1, 1998
Year 2000 Computing Crisis: An Assessment Guide (Supersedes 158206)
AIMD-10.1.14, September 1, 1997
Agencies' Strategic Plans Under GPRA: Key Questions to Facilitate Congressional Review (Version 1)
GGD-10.1.16, May 1, 1997
Business Process Reengineering Assessment Guide--Version 3
AIMD-10.1.15, April 1, 1997
Best Practices Methodology: A New Approach for Improving Government Operations
NSIAD-95-154, May 1, 1995
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