Best Practices: Comparative Benchmarking Products

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Crude Oil: California Crude Oil Price Fluctuations Are Consistent with Broader Market Trends
GAO-07-315, January 19, 2007
Air Traffic Control: FAA's Acquisition Management Has Improved, but Policies and Oversight Need Strengthening to Help Ensure Results
GAO-05-23, November 12, 2004
Information Technology: Foundational Steps Being Taken to Make Needed FBI Systems Modernization Management Improvements
GAO-04-842, September 10, 2004
Information Technology: Training Can Be Enhanced by Greater Use of Leading Practices
GAO-04-791, June 24, 2004
Best Practices: Setting Requirements Differently Could Reduce Weapon Systems' Total Ownership Costs
GAO-03-57, February 11, 2003
Information Technology: Greater Use of Best Practices Can Reduce Risks in Acquiring Defense Health Care System
GAO-02-345, September 26, 2002
2000 Census: Best Practices and Lessons Learned for More Cost-Effective Nonresponse Follow-up
GAO-02-196, February 11, 2002
Defense Management: Industry Practices Can Help Military Exchanges Better Assure That Their Goods Are Not Made by Child or Forced Labor
GAO-02-256, January 31, 2002
Best Practices: Taking a Strategic Approach Could Improve DOD's Acquisition of Services
GAO-02-230, January 18, 2002
2000 Census: Review of Partnership Program Highlights Best Practices for Future Operations
GAO-01-579, August 20, 2001
Best Practices: DOD Teaming Practices Not Achieving Potential Results
GAO-01-510, April 10, 2001
Best Practices: Better Matching of Needs and Resources Will Lead to Better Weapon System Outcomes
GAO-01-288, March 8, 2001
Best Practices: A More Constructive Test Approach Is Key to Better Weapon System Outcomes
NSIAD-00-199, July 31, 2000
Defense Acquisition: Employing Best Practices Can Shape Better Weapon System Decisions
T-NSIAD-00-137, April 26, 2000
Best Practices: DOD Training Can Do More to Help Weapon System Programs Implement Best Practices
NSIAD-99-206, August 16, 1999
Best Practices: Better Management of Technology Development Can Improve Weapon System Outcomes
NSIAD-99-162, July 30, 1999
State Department: Options for Reducing Overseas Housing and Furniture Costs
NSIAD-98-128, July 31, 1998
Best Practices: DOD Can Help Suppliers Contribute More to Weapon System Programs
NSIAD-98-87, March 17, 1998
Inventory Management: DOD Can Build on Progress by Using Best Practices for Reparable Parts
NSIAD-98-97, February 27, 1998
Best Practices: Successful Application to Weapon Acquisitions Requires Changes in DOD's Environment
NSIAD-98-56, February 24, 1998
Defense Inventory Management: Expanding Use of Best Practices for Hardware Items Can Reduce Logistics Costs
NSIAD-98-47, January 20, 1998
State Department: Using Best Practices to Relocate Employees Could Reduce Costs and Improve Service
NSIAD-98-19, October 17, 1997
Major Acquisitions: Significant Changes Underway in DOD's Earned Value Management Process
NSIAD-97-108, May 5, 1997
Inventory Management: The Army Could Reduce Logistics Costs for Aviation Parts by Adopting Best Practices
NSIAD-97-82, April 15, 1997
Best Practices: Commercial Quality Assurance Practices Offer Improvements for DOD
NSIAD-96-162, August 26, 1996
Inventory Management: Adopting Best Practices Could Enhance Navy Efforts to Achieve Efficiencies and Savings
NSIAD-96-156, July 12, 1996
Best Management Practices: Reengineering the Air Force's Logistics System Can Yield Substantial Savings
NSIAD-96-5, February 21, 1996
Inventory Management: DOD Can Build on Progress in Using Best Practices to Achieve Substantial Savings
NSIAD-95-142, August 4, 1995
Partnerships: Customer-Supplier Relationships Can Be Improved Through Partnering
NSIAD-94-173, July 19, 1994
Commercial Practices: DOD Could Reduce Electronics Inventories by Using Private Sector Techniques
NSIAD-94-110, June 29, 1994
Commercial Practices: Leading-Edge Practices Can Help DOD Better Manage Clothing and Textile Stocks
NSIAD-94-64, April 13, 1994
Commercial Practices: DOD Could Save Millions by Reducing Maintenance and Repair Inventories
NSIAD-93-155, June 7, 1993
DOD Food Inventory: Using Private Sector Practices Can Reduce Costs and Eliminate Problems
NSIAD-93-110, June 4, 1993
DOD Medical Inventory: Reductions Can Be Made Through the Use of Commercial Practices
NSIAD-92-58, December 5, 1991
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