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TANF and Child Welfare Programs:

Increased Data Sharing Could Improve Access to Benefits and Services
Published: Oct 7, 2011. Publicly Released: Oct 20, 2011.

Welfare Reform:

Federal Oversight of State and Local Contracting Can be Strengthened
Published: Jun 11, 2002. Publicly Released: Jun 11, 2002.

Welfare Reform:

Welfare Reform:

States Provide TANF-Funded Services to Many Low-Income Families Who Do Not Receive Cash Assistance
Published: Apr 5, 2002. Publicly Released: Apr 5, 2002.

SSI Children:

Multiple Factors Affect Families' Costs for Disability-Related Services
Published: Jun 28, 1999. Publicly Released: Jun 28, 1999.

Worker and Family Assistance:

Income Security Issues Issue Area Plan--Fiscal Years 1997 and 1998
Published: Apr 1, 1997. Publicly Released: Apr 1, 1997.

SSA Disability:

Program Redesign Necessary to Encourage Return to Work
Published: Apr 24, 1996. Publicly Released: May 23, 1996.

Worker and Family Assistance:

Children Receiving SSI by State
Published: May 15, 1996. Publicly Released: May 15, 1996.

Supplemental Security Income:

Some Recipients Transfer Valuable Resources to Qualify for Benefits
Published: Apr 30, 1996. Publicly Released: Apr 30, 1996.

Worker and Family Assistance:

Older Americans Act Funding Formula
Published: Apr 24, 1996. Publicly Released: Apr 24, 1996.