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Earned Income Credit:

Noncompliance Relative to Other Components of the Income Tax Gap
Published: Jun 13, 1997. Publicly Released: Jun 13, 1997.

Tax Administration:

Earned Income Credit Noncompliance
Published: May 8, 1997. Publicly Released: May 8, 1997.

Justice and Law Enforcement:

Tax Policy and Administration Issue Area--Active Assignments
Published: Jan 2, 1997. Publicly Released: Jan 2, 1997.

Earned Income Credit:

IRS' 1995 Controls Stopped Some Noncompliance, But Not Without Problems
Published: Sep 18, 1996. Publicly Released: Sep 18, 1996.

Tax Policy:

Analysis of Certain Potential Effects of Extending Federal Income Taxation to Puerto Rico
Published: Aug 15, 1996. Publicly Released: Sep 5, 1996.

Tax Administration:

Income Tax Treatment of Married and Single Individuals
Published: Sep 3, 1996. Publicly Released: Sep 3, 1996.

Tax Policy and Administration Issue Area:

Active Assignments
Published: Sep 3, 1996. Publicly Released: Sep 3, 1996.

Earned Income Credit:

Profile of Tax Year 1994 Credit Recipients
Published: Jun 13, 1996. Publicly Released: Jul 16, 1996.

Tax Administration:

Audit Trends and Results for Individual Taxpayers
Published: Apr 26, 1996. Publicly Released: May 22, 1996.

Tax Policy and Administration:

Review of Studies of the Effectiveness of the Research Tax Credit
Published: May 21, 1996. Publicly Released: May 21, 1996.