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Federally Funded R&D Centers:

Observations on DOD Actions To Improve Management
Published: Mar 5, 1996. Publicly Released: Mar 5, 1996.

Weather Service Modernization:

Despite Progress, Significant Problems and Risks Remain
Published: Feb 21, 1995. Publicly Released: Feb 21, 1995.

NASA Procurement:

Contract and Management Improvements at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Published: Dec 30, 1994. Publicly Released: Feb 1, 1995.

Space Station:

Impact of the Expanded Russian Role on Funding and Research
Published: Jun 21, 1994. Publicly Released: Jun 29, 1994.

Asian Aeronautics:

Technology Acquisition Drives Industry Development
Published: May 4, 1994. Publicly Released: Jun 3, 1994.

Military Space Programs:

Comprehensive Analysis Needed and Cost Savings Available
Published: Apr 14, 1994. Publicly Released: Apr 14, 1994.

Military Space Programs:

Opportunities to Reduce Missile Warning and Communication Satellites' Costs
Published: Feb 2, 1994. Publicly Released: Feb 2, 1994.

Space Shuttle Main Engine:

NASA Has Not Evaluated the Alternate Fuel Turbopump Costs and Benefits
Published: Oct 29, 1993. Publicly Released: Oct 29, 1993.


Advanced Solid Rocket Motor Status
Published: Aug 13, 1993. Publicly Released: Aug 13, 1993.

NASA Aeronautics:

Protecting Sensitive Technology
Published: Aug 12, 1993. Publicly Released: Aug 12, 1993.